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Coghlans® Trek I Deluxe First Aid Kit

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The Trek I First Aid Kit is a basic kit with 27 items packed in a lightweight nylon case. For those little scrapes and cuts that are sometimes inevitable, this kit has just what you need. The case is compact and can attach to your belt which makes it easy to pack or carry along at camp.

Coghlan’s has set their own environmentally conscious goal to reduce the packaging materials such as plastic or eliminate it entirely. Their new packaging is designed to be recyclable and reusable to reduce their environmental footprint.  


  • Includes:
  • - First-Aid Guide
  • - 3/8" x 1.5" Adhesive Bandages
  • - Butterfly Closures
  • 1 - 1" x 30' Cohesive Gauze Roll
  • - 1" x 3" Fabric Bandages
  • 4 - 3" x 3" Gauze Pads
  • - Knuckle Bandage
  • - 2" x 3" Moleskin Bandage (Blister Prevention)
  • - Antiseptic Pads
  • - Steel Needle
  • - Povidone - Iodine Pads
  • Basic, lightweight, and practical kit containing 27 useful components
  • Stored in zippered nylon pouch
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    They call themselves ‘the outdoor accessory people’ and rightly so! After all, Coghlan’s offers the best in promoting and supporting a safe and convenient camping lifestyle since 1959. With a great product line of essential camping supplies—they’ve got everything from a critical First Aid Kit to (less important—but just as handy) Lightsticks. And because we like to boast our substantial Coghlan’s selection, we thought we’d learn a thing or two about this ‘outdoor accessory’ business. And what better investigation than to go straight to the source?

    Jeff, the Sales and Marketing Coordinator at Coghlan’s, gave us a great look into the company history as well as a little bit about his own time at summer camp. We’ll delve into the business side first. So how did this family-owned business see its modest beginnings? Well, the story begins with Norm Coghlan who first started business as a repairman for gas camping stoves. “When campers would bring their stoves in for repair there was an offering of camping supplies too,” Jeff told us. As the selection of camping supplies grew, so did the Coghlan name.

    "We paddled from island to island sleeping in a tent and cooking on the camp fire."

    “Coghlan’s products are beneficial to a wide range of summer campers,” Jeff says. “There’s something for everyone in our catalogue. Whether you are a weekend warrior, backcountry camper or attending camp for the very first time you will surely find Coghlan’s products to be useful for your camping needs.”

    Onto Jeff’s camp experience…

    He still looks back on his unforgettable summer days from forever ago, recalling how much fun it was but only now realizing what a powerful influence it had on him. “I have fond memories of summer camp,” he said. “Spending time outside all day and sleeping in bunk houses with all your friends.” After camp immersed him in nature and imparted an education of outdoor living it set the hook and Jeff’s been into the outdoors ever since. To this day, Jeff enjoys camping trips and hiking woodsy trails.

    Of all the ‘fond memories’ Jeff has held onto from his camp days, his favorite one is of his weeklong canoe trip. “We paddled from island to island sleeping in a tent and cooking on the camp fire. It gave us a real sense of accomplishment when we finished,” he told us. Transformative results are typical when campers undergo such a deeply immersive experience as this one.

    Creating practical products for your summer camper may not have been the initial core of the business, but it certainly became one. “The philosophy of adding innovative outdoor accessories has not changed,” Jeff says. The Coghlan’s brand continues to expand its selection all the time and solidify its significance among all the quality camping gear and other supplies we offer at Everything Summer Camp. A clear fit, we’re pleased to offer products from ‘the outdoor accessory people’ for your camper!

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