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Anchoring Cable Lock

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You can put a lock on your dorm trunk, but it can still walk away. This Anchoring Cable Lock keeps that from happening, when used properly. The 24-inch wire cable is encased in a plastic sleeve. Secure the loop to your trunk or case by attaching an eye bolt with a wing nut through the exterior of the case. The other end has a loop with a steel key lock. Attach that to a fixed object in the room, such as a pipe or heater. The trunk or case is then secured. It takes a great deal of effort to free the case and anyone looking to lift an item or two will move on to the next person's possessions. The coated cable is resistant to being cut and the steel lock is secure as long as the key stays on your person or a hidden location. The wire cable is similar to those used to secure laptops and other electronic equipment. It is a great solution for college dorms, trunks, cases, and other equipment in public spaces.