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Halloween Candy Contest

Guess how many pieces of candy are inside this Happy Camper Trunk


This contest is now closed and our winners have been determined! 
The actual number of pieces of candy in the trunk was 1,697
Our 3rd place winner is Jenada J. with a guess of 1,632
Our 2nd place winner is Lisa B. with a guess of 1,741
Our 1st place winner is Peggie K. with a guess of 1,713
Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you to everyone that guessed. Happy Halloween!
*Gift card codes will be emailed to our winners on Monday, November 1st


We have filled this base of this Happy Camper Trunk with a lot of Halloween candy. How many individual pieces of candy do you think are inside the trunk?
The closest guess wins a $100 Everything Summer Camp gift card. It doesn't matter if your guess is over or under the exact amount, the closest guess wins.
The second closest guess will get a $50 gift card and the third closest wins a $25 gift card. Good luck!