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Coronavirus, School Closings, and Summer Camp

Coronavirus forces school closures


Amidst the current Coronavirus pandemic, things are changing so rapidly that just in the time it took to write this article, we had to rewrite it to adhere to new procedures. Our nation’s attempt to snuff this virus out involves a moratorium on gatherings of over 10 people which has meant shutting down, among other things, sporting events, places of business, and schools.

All of these closings are important, but the school shutdown in particular brings up a lot of questions for kids, like when will school continue? Will the school year be extended into the summer?  And, if it is, is there a chance that school could cut in to the summer camp season?

To try and bring some relief in these already difficult times, take a moment to see how school closures are likely not to have much effect on the camp season according to sources that we’re seeing here at Everything Summer Camp.

Rabbi Mitch Cohen, the national director of Camp Ramah spoke about how he had parents tell him how much their kids needed camp now. “They’re canceling school. Camp is the only thing they’re looking forward to,” he said.

We compiled a list of state’s positions on their school closures, when they plan to have school continue, as well as whether or not they plan to extend the school year. For some states that are looking at closing for a couple weeks or less, they may have students make those days up. Other states are talking closures for as much as eight weeks. For longer closures like that, no one (including teachers) sound very keen on extending the school year into the summer.


 State Intended Return Date Extending School Year
Alabama 4/26/2020 TBD
Alaska TBD TBD
Arizona 3/27/2020 TBD
Arkansas TBD TBD
California TBD TBD
Colorado TBD TBD
Connecticut 3/31/2020 No
Delaware 3/27/2020 TBD
Florida 3/30/2020 TBD
Georgia 4/1/2020 TBD
Hawaii TBD TBD
Illinois 3/31/2020 No
Indiana TBD Waives first 20 days missed
Iowa 4/1/2020 Waives first 30 days missed
Kansas TBD TBD
Kentucky 3/30/2020 No
Louisiana TBD TBD
Maine 4/6/2020 TBD
Maryland 3/30 - Rest of year No
Massachusetts TBD TBD
Michigan 4/6/2020 Unlikely
Minnesota* 3/27/2020 DNF
Mississippi 3/20/2020 No
Missouri 4/6/2020 TBD
Montana 3/27/2020 TBD
Nebraska* 3/27-4/5/2020 TBD
Nevada 4/6/2020 TBD
New Hampshire* 4/6/2020 TBD
New Jersey* TBD TBD
New Mexico 4/6/2020 TBD
New York* 4/20/2020 TBD
North Carolina 3/30/2020 TBD
North Dakota 3/23/2020 TBD
Ohio 4/6 - Rest of year TBD
Oklahoma 4/6/2020 TBD
Oregon 4/1/2020 TBD
Pennsylvania 3/30/2020 No
Rhode Island TBD TBD
South Carolina 4/1/2020 TBD
South Dakota 3/30/2020 TBD
Tennessee 4/1/2020 TBD
Texas Rest of year No
Utah* 3/30/2020 TBD
Vermont* 4/6/2020 TBD
Virginia* 3/30/2020 TBD
Washington* 4/24/2020 TBD
West Virginia TBD TBD
Wisconsin* TBD No
Wyoming* 4/6/2020 TBD
 *Remote learning plan is in place in these states


“It would not surprise me at all if schools did not open again this year,” said Ohio Governor Mike DeWine who is, along with governors of Maryland and Texas seriously looking at this option. While, at this time, it’s far from every school across the country that’s ready to call off the remainder of their school year, the talk of waiving any missed school days due to these closures is on the rise.

Ten other states are saying they will not be extending the school year to meet the 180-day standard of school attendance and many schools across the nation are looking into an alternative method of education.

Remote learning could either take place online or through a pick-up and drop-off system in which the students and teachers trade schoolwork packets. This alternative to classroom learning could eliminate any need to extend the school year at all.

From all this information, it would seem that an extended school year won’t even become an issue for the summer camp season. So try to wipe away your worries and enjoy as many days off as you have. You might be about to get a whole lot of homework.


***This information is changing all of the time. We are pretty sure that some of this information will have changed by the time we publish this. You can help us keep this information as up to date as possible. If you know of any changes please fill out the short form below and we will update the information on this page asap.