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Camps That Plan to Proceed in 2020

When we originally set this page up we were trying to accomplish two things:

1) Let camp families know if their specific camp intended to have camp in 2020.
2) To provide camp families with some positive vibes that they could count on camp during this time of uncertainty.

The list of camps we had was not comprehensive but we were adding to it as fast as we heard from the camps. What we failed to consider was that camp families might get concerned if they didn't see their camp on this list (even though the camp intends to be open) and this resulted in camps having to field lots of phone calls because their camp wasn't listed.

For this reason we have removed the list of camps from this page. What we can tell you is that we have heard from a ton of camps that they do intend to have a 2020 summer camp season while keeping the health and safety of their campers a top priority.

If you want to check on your camp's plan for 2020 we encourage you to visit the camp's website directly or reach out via email to your camp.

Sorry for any confusion that was caused by the list of camps we published.

We're keeping a positive attitude about Summer Camp 2020 and continue to operate our business as "full speed ahead" as is safely possible.