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Camp 101: Resources for Summer Camp

Although some kids might have initial trepidation over their first trip to sleepaway summer camp, for most, the experience ends up being one that kids will remember fondly for the rest of their lives, and something they look forward to annually once that first wave of uncertainty passes.

Parents and kids can get answers to all of their summer camp questions and concerns in our resource section. Whether you are wondering what kids should bring with them, how to prepare your kids for camp or how to best use our products, your questions will be answered on our informative, comprehensive resource pages.

A kid's first visit to a sleepaway camp can be an intimidating and unsettling prospect, but parents and their children can consult with our resource page on your first time at camp and get useful advice on how to make the transition a smooth one. Not only do we have a page devoted to how to prevent overpacking for summer camp, but there's a completely separate page dedicated to five ways that kids can stay organized once they are at camp. And, while overpacking can be an annoying aspect of going away to camp, and even bigger problem is forgetting something important and not realizing it until the kids have been dropped off and Mom and Dad are back home. Check our page on Top 10 Most Forgotten Items When Packing for Camp so you can be prepared.

Even if kids have everything they need at summer camp, they still don't have "home." Homesickness is a very real issue facing kids at sleepaway camp, but our page on how to prevent homesickness might help your kids cope with missing the comforts of home. We also have pages on how summer camp can help prepare kids for their eventual trips to college.