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Buckhead Betties Story

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You can’t find style and panache like this just anywhere! You’ve got to scope it out and find it in the products of choice brand names like Buckhead Betties. These girl products are the impressive result of careful, quality construction and an excellent eye for good taste, sophisticated sense of fashion, and even class. We know summer camp isn’t always about hiking a rocky trail and sleeping under the stars. Bring refinement when you bring products from Buckhead Betties. We like providing summer camp girls with products of an ‘older’, more mature flavor—as does Buckhead Betties. So we went over some questions with them about their company and a little about their experiences at summer camp.

Debbie, the owner of Buckhead Betties, told us all about the Buckhead business. It began in 2002. Before opening up her own company, Debbie was in product development for a number of different outfits. “It seemed an easy transition to create items my friends would love as much as I do!” she explained. Her business started out carrying just totes and bags but has now grown to include clothes, great travel accessories, and more.

"But camp gave me the opportunity to spread my wings and explore leadership opportunities."

It didn’t take Debbie very long to create a good base for her company. “Patterns then evolved,” Debbie says. “And product lines that were canvas, quilted and vinyl-covered. “We have many items to keep campers organized,” she said. “Our many items for camp are cute and affordable. They will make the trip to camp many times, but are so affordable you can change patterns with your mood. It is also fun to mix our different patterns! We make traveling to camp and time there organized and easy!”

She knows all about camp…

“I enjoyed camp in the summers,” Debbie told us. She especially loved her time on the water and she thoroughly enjoyed the art activities offered by her camp. “I have always been independent,” she said.

She went on to talk about how her social skills were sharpened by the community experience. “I had the opportunity to explore who I wanted to be.”

With all the good Debbie got from her summer camp experience, she wanted the same for her daughter, Ann-Wilson. She enrolled her daughter at Camp Cheerio, a YMCA camp and Seafarer in North Carolina. She loved that first summer so much that she returned for many years to come. “From her letters home and photos sent, her favorite activities always seemed to be the evening activities that involved all the campers such as scavenger hunts, Capture-the-Flag, or skit night!” says Debbie.

Already a strong individual, Debbie was amazed to see how the influence of summer camp would further help her daughter. “My daughter has always been social, but I think she was surprised how easily she made so many new friends at camp. She has confidence meeting new people and she is eager to develop new skills,” resolved Debbie.

Just like Debbie, we have an abounding love for the summer camp lifestyle and its unparalleled methods of guidance and world preparation. She likes our values and we like her style. It only makes sense that we joined forces! Enjoy products from Buckhead Betties right here at Everything Summer Camp!