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Welcome Rockmont Campers!

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Happy Camper Footlocker Trunk 32x18x13.5"|4273

Happy Camper Steel Footlocker Trunk 32x18x13.5"

Regular price $249.99 On Sale from $224.99

C&N Wheel Away System

C&N Wheel Away System


C&N LidMate Organizer

C&N LidMate Organizer


Stick-On EVERYTHING Name Labels

Stick-On EVERYTHING Name Labels

From $27.99

Glide & Go Tray exclusively for C&N Footlockers brand camp trunks

C&N Glide & Go Tray


UnderGrad Footlocker Trunk 32x18x16.5"|1159

UnderGrad Steel Footlocker Trunk 32x18x16.5"

Regular price $269.99 On Sale from $244.99

Clothing Stamp

Clothing Stamp


Graduate Footlocker Trunk 32x18x18.5"|1113

Graduate Steel Footlocker Trunk 32x18x18.5"

Regular price $289.99 On Sale from $264.99

C&N LidSkinz

C&N LidSkinz


Crazy Creek Original Chair|577

Crazy Creek Original Chair

Regular price $59.99 On Sale $44.99

TREVA 5" Clip Fan|20626

TREVA 5" Clip Fan


Create-Your-Own Steel Footlocker Trunk 32x18x13.5"

Create-Your-Own Steel Footlocker Trunk 32x18x13.5"

Regular price $269.99 On Sale $244.99

Iron-On Clothing Name Labels

Iron-On Clothing Name Labels

From $16.99

Designer Trunk - Camo - 32x18x13.5"|10818

Designer Trunk - Camo - 32x18x13.5"

Regular price $269.99 On Sale from $244.99

Sweatshirt Blankets|61010

Sweatshirt Blankets

From $17.99

Kelty® Bestie Blanket|35416122ROO

Kelty® Bestie Blanket


Grisaille/KaleidoscopeTrellis/Backcountry PlaidRooibos Tea/PatchesWinter Moss/Treeline
Designer Trunk - Ombre - 32x18x13.5"|10841

Designer Trunk - Ombre - 32x18x13.5"

Regular price $269.99 On Sale from $244.99

Designer Trunk - Electric Cotton Candy - 32x18x13.5"|70693

Designer Trunk - Electric Cotton Candy - 32x18x13.5"

Regular price $269.99 On Sale from $244.99

Designer Trunk - Electric Lava - 32x18x13.5"|11653

Designer Trunk - Electric Lava - 32x18x13.5"

Regular price $269.99 On Sale from $244.99

C&N Trunk Shipping Protector Bag|71411-1

C&N Trunk Shipping Protector Bag

Regular price $24.99 On Sale $19.99

ESC Sticker Pack|60843

ESC Sticker Pack

Regular price $9.99 On Sale $8.49

Nature LoverShine BrightLet's WanderHorse LoverGamerClassic Camper
Designer Trunk - Spiral Tie Dye - 32x18x13.5"|13908

Designer Trunk - Spiral Tie Dye - 32x18x13.5"

Regular price $269.99 On Sale from $244.99

Crazy Creek Casual Line "The Chair"|5001-166

Crazy Creek Casual Line "The Chair"

Regular price $39.99 On Sale $29.99

Smokey Blue/BlackLeaf Green/BlackSlate/BlackSage Green/Black

Camp Rockmont

Since 1956 Camp Rockmont has created a space in the mountains of Western North Carolina where young boys and men from all over the US and the world experience growth-inspiring challenges and whole-person development through large-group activities, cabin experience, and camp skills.

Rockmont Camp Activities

Whether your camper is attending a one-week mini Camp Rockmont session or ready for the main camp four week experience there are numerous activities they can participate in including

  • Archery
  • Air Riflery
  • Basketball
  • Blacksmithing
  • Canoeing
  • Kayaking
  • Mountain Biking
  • Outdoor Survival Skills
  • Rock Climbing
  • Swimming
  • and More!

Keep in mind some activities at Rockmont Camp are age-restricted for safety, for example trap shooting is only available to campers age thirteen years and older. Still, a variety of activites are available for each and every camper no matter their age!

Camp Rockmont Packing List

The entire Camp Rockmont packing list is linked to our Everything Summer Camp website catalog. If you select Camp Rockmont from our website's summer camp packing list feature you can see everything they list as necessary like

  • Sleeping Bags
  • Camp Trunks
  • Laundry Bags
  • Camp Bedding XL Twin Sheets
  • Swimwear

Remember that your camper’s packing list needs will likely change based on the length of camp, and it is always best to confirm with Camp Rockmont the proper packing list for your camper’s session.

If you have any questions about your summer camp packing list, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of summer camp experts. We’re equipped with years of experience helping summer campers love camp, and we’re always happy to address any concerns or curiosities.