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Welcome Longhorn Campers!

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Camp Longhorn™ Summer Camp

For over seventy years Camp Longhorn™ has held a legacy of co-ed camping, youth sports, and Attawaytogo™ spirit for thousands of campers across the United States.

Starting from one camp in 1939 to now three different camps that offer between one to three-week retreats, Camp Longhorn™ represents the height of the summer camp experience.

At Everything Summer Camp, we’re proud to supply Camp Longhorn™ campers with everything they need on their packing list and then some.

Camp Longhorn™ Activities

Campers can expect a wide range of activities on both the water and trails. In fact, Camp Longhorn™ is responsible for inventing certain frisbee games and “the blob”, a repurposed military rubber storage tank filled with air to create a thirty-foot-long water trampoline!

Here’s a snapshot of some of the campers' favorite activities at Camp Longhorn™

  • Ropes Course
  • Archery
  • Water Skiing
  • Rocketry

Camp Longhorn™ Packing List

We've taken the time to link the different Camp Longhorn™ packing lists above to Everything Summer Camp products.

We have the boys, girls, and rangers packing list linked above next to the pencil and paper icon. You can quickly and easily cross everything you need for Camp Longhorn™ off your list.

Here are a few relevant categories no matter which camp you're shopping for

Whether you're at the original Inks Lake campsite, the Indian Springs campsite, or the C3 Inks Lake campsite, at ESC we have all your summer camp needs ready to go for your next adventure.

Remember, Colorado Rangers camp participants need cold-weather gear!

Any Camp Questions?

If you have any questions about summer camp gear or your Camp Longhorn packing list, contact us and we’d be happy to help!

We have decades of experience helping campers have the best summer camp experience possible.