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Welcome Campers!

Welcome Eagle Ridge Campers!

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Stick-On EVERYTHING Name Labels

Stick-On EVERYTHING Name Labels

From $27.99

Pop Up Soft Camp Trunk|100069

Pop Up Soft Camp Trunk™

Regular price $159.99 On Sale from $139.99

Clothing Stamp

Clothing Stamp


Crazy Creek Original Chair|577

Crazy Creek Original Chair

Regular price $59.99 On Sale $44.99

TREVA 5" Clip Fan|20626

TREVA 5" Clip Fan


Iron-On Clothing Name Labels

Iron-On Clothing Name Labels

From $16.99

Sweatshirt Blankets|61010

Sweatshirt Blankets

From $17.99

Kelty® Bestie Blanket|35416122ROO

Kelty® Bestie Blanket


Grisaille/KaleidoscopeTrellis/Backcountry PlaidRooibos Tea/PatchesWinter Moss/Treeline
ESC Sticker Pack|60843

ESC Sticker Pack

Regular price $9.99 On Sale $8.49

Nature LoverShine BrightLet's WanderHorse LoverGamerClassic Camper
Crazy Creek Casual Line "The Chair"|5001-166

Crazy Creek Casual Line "The Chair"

Regular price $39.99 On Sale $29.99

Smokey Blue/BlackLeaf Green/BlackSlate/BlackSage Green/Black
Fart - The Explosive Card Game

Fart - The Explosive Card Game

Regular price $8.99 On Sale $6.99

Gear Up Toiletry Pouch|60802

Gear Up Toiletry Pouch

From $14.99

The Summer Camp Handbook

The Summer Camp Handbook

Regular price $14.99 On Sale $12.99

Mad Libs: The Game

Mad Libs: The Game

Regular price $24.99 On Sale $19.99

Rubik's® 3x3 Cube

Rubik's® 3x3 Cube


Personalized Patches for Pop Up Soft Trunk or Piggy Back Duffel - Doogma Demo

Personalized Patches for Pop Up Soft Trunk or Piggy Back Duffel - Doogma Demo

Regular price $9.99 On Sale from $8.49

Osprey® Hikelite 32 Backpack|10004868

Osprey® Hikelite 32 Backpack


Atlas BluePine Leaf Green

The days will melt together as you spend your summer at Camp Eagle Ridge having fun and making friends. You'll love spending your days sailing, mountain biking through the forest, rock climbing and rappelling in the north woods of Wisconsin in Ashland County. Acquire good leadership skills and develop a tighter bond with yourself and the people around you at Camp Eagle Ridge.Everything Summer Camp has the Camp Eagle Ridge packing list available online, and there won't be any trouble finding what you need. At Everything Summer Camp, we have camp trunks, clothing name labels, rain gear, and Speedo swimwear to make filling your packing list quick and simple. At Everything Summer Camp we have over 20 years of experience in helping you get ready for camp stress-free. Give us a call if you have any questions. We would love to hear from you. 1-800-535-2057.At Camp Eagle Ridge their mission is to develop strong leaders, healthy living skills and a sense of community responsibility!