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Welcome Akita Campers!

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Congratulations on your kid’s upcoming trip to Camp Akita! Located along the beautiful Spoon River in Central Illinois, Camp Akita offers a number of exciting programs, giving kids the opportunity to build character and make memories.

Camp Akita is one of more than 270 summer camps across the country that recommends Everything Summer Camp for filling out its packing list. From shirts and shorts to bug spray and bed sheets, our warehouse is stocked with high-quality gear and supplies that will withstand the rigors of summer camp and more.

In our more than 20 years of operation, we’ve found that camping gear can help soothe the jitters of nervous campers who might not be looking forward to going away from home for a long time. When all their gear shows up at once, in a bright and durable trunk, it’s like opening a treasure chest of possibilities and opportunities. All of a sudden, they are thinking of everything all the activities they will get to do. With our strict inventory control, great discounts, and outstanding shipping, we make sure that happens easily for parents.