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Welcome Akeela Campers!

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Not every camper is lucky enough to go to Camp Akeela. Whether your camper is bound for its Vermont or Wisconsin programs, Camp Akeela is where quirky campers thrive. Its programs are tailor made for bright and creative children who struggle to make meaningful social connections.

Everything Summer Camp has everything you need to fill the Camp Akeela packing list. From simple towels and toiletries to customized shirts and trunks, we carry high-quality supplies that handle the high usage that summer camps bring. For more than 30 years, we've been one of the best summer camp outfitters in the country, and have earned recommendations from more than 270 summer camps across the country.

One of the reasons for our success is our insistence on inventory control. Because we don't rely on other warehouses for our products, everything you find on our website is either on our warehouse shelves or made in-house. That means you'll get your entire order at once, in less time, without having to go crazy with trips to different retailers. Your kids will love seeing all their gear come in at once in a sturdy trunk from Everything Summer Camp.