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Welcome Agaliha Campers!

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Your daughter is in for an exciting summer at Camp Agaliha! The girls-only camp features an impressive slate of activities, including arts and crafts, sailing, bicycling, fishing, swimming, and more.

At Everything Summer Camp, we have more than 20 years of experience outfitting campers for the experience that lies ahead. One of the things that we’ve learned over that time is that camping supplies can go a long way over easing the fears of a nervous camper who feels trepidation over such a long stay away from home. The sight of a full complement of camping supplies goes a long way to offer reassurance — when campers can see the gear they get to take with them, it soothes the fear and builds excitement.

That’s why we sell everything you’ll need for the Camp Agaliha packing list. We keep everything on our site in stock, so that we send out complete orders with lightning fast shipping. The same principle goes for our personalized items, which are all customized in-house. When everything comes to your place in one package, and you get to show all those supplies to your daughter, any jitters will fade quickly.