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Welcome Mont Shenandoah Campers!

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Happy Camper Footlocker Trunk 32x18x13.5"|4273

Happy Camper Steel Footlocker Trunk 32x18x13.5"

Regular price $249.99 On Sale from $224.99

C&N Wheel Away System

C&N Wheel Away System


C&N LidMate Organizer

C&N LidMate Organizer


Stick-On EVERYTHING Name Labels

Stick-On EVERYTHING Name Labels

From $27.99

Glide & Go Tray exclusively for C&N Footlockers brand camp trunks

C&N Glide & Go Tray


Pop Up Soft Camp Trunk|60978

Pop Up Soft Camp Trunk™

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UnderGrad Footlocker Trunk 32x18x16.5"|1159

UnderGrad Steel Footlocker Trunk 32x18x16.5"

Regular price $269.99 On Sale from $244.99

Clothing Stamp

Clothing Stamp


Graduate Footlocker Trunk 32x18x18.5"|1113

Graduate Steel Footlocker Trunk 32x18x18.5"

Regular price $289.99 On Sale from $264.99

C&N LidSkinz

C&N LidSkinz


Crazy Creek Original Chair|577

Crazy Creek Original Chair

Regular price $59.99 On Sale $44.99

TREVA 5" Clip Fan|20626

TREVA 5" Clip Fan


Create-Your-Own Steel Footlocker Trunk 32x18x13.5"

Create-Your-Own Steel Footlocker Trunk 32x18x13.5"

Regular price $269.99 On Sale $244.99

Iron-On Clothing Name Labels

Iron-On Clothing Name Labels

From $16.99

Designer Trunk - Camo - 32x18x13.5"|10818

Designer Trunk - Camo - 32x18x13.5"

Regular price $269.99 On Sale from $244.99

Sweatshirt Blankets|61010

Sweatshirt Blankets

From $17.99

Kelty® Bestie Blanket|35416122ROO

Kelty® Bestie Blanket


Grisaille/KaleidoscopeTrellis/Backcountry PlaidRooibos Tea/PatchesWinter Moss/Treeline
Designer Trunk - Ombre - 32x18x13.5"|10841

Designer Trunk - Ombre - 32x18x13.5"

Regular price $269.99 On Sale from $244.99

Designer Trunk - Electric Cotton Candy - 32x18x13.5"|70693

Designer Trunk - Electric Cotton Candy - 32x18x13.5"

Regular price $269.99 On Sale from $244.99

Designer Trunk - Electric Lava - 32x18x13.5"|11653

Designer Trunk - Electric Lava - 32x18x13.5"

Regular price $269.99 On Sale from $244.99

C&N Trunk Shipping Protector Bag|71411-1

C&N Trunk Shipping Protector Bag

Regular price $24.99 On Sale $19.99

ESC Sticker Pack|60843

ESC Sticker Pack

Regular price $9.99 On Sale $8.49

Nature LoverShine BrightLet's WanderHorse LoverGamerClassic Camper
Designer Trunk - Spiral Tie Dye - 32x18x13.5"|13908

Designer Trunk - Spiral Tie Dye - 32x18x13.5"

Regular price $269.99 On Sale from $244.99


Camp Mont Shenandoah

For almost a hundred years Camp Mont Shenandoah has been providing girls between the ages of 7 and 16 an unforgettable unplugged summer camp experience. The camp grounds are established in the Alleghany mountains along the beautiful flowing Cowpasture, truly nature’s paradise!

Camp Mont Shenandoah is place where girls can be everything: silly, serious, goofy, successful, all while being supported by their camp peers and counselors. After one session, you’ll understand why Mont Shenandoah is considered one of the best all-girls summer camps in Virginia.

Camp Mont Shenandoah Activities

Camp Mont Shenandoah activities keep campers busy from first call at 7:30 AM to lights out at 9:15 PM. Camp days are structured to blend a healthy balance of cabin time, activities, fun time, and downtime.

A camp day has 6 periods for activities including:

  • Horseback Riding
  • Archery
  • Sports
  • Outdoor Study
  • Overnight Tent Camping
  • Swimming
  • Canoeing
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Yoga

Campers can self-select the activities they’re most interested in, and double-up activity blocks to give themselves more time for dedicated focus and skill development.

Camp Mont Shenandoah Packing List

Camp Mont Shenandoah offers both three-week sessions and six-week sessions. Campers should expect to have at least two laundry days while at camp.

Camp Mont Shenandoah packing list includes:

  • Camp Footlocker Trunk
  • Duffle Bag
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Heavy Blanket
  • Hiking Boots
  • Water Shoes
  • Sneakers/Tennis Shoes
  • Towels (Camp and Bathroom)
  • Shower Tote
  • Toiletries
  • Flashlight
  • Bug Spray & Sunscreen
  • Horseriding Gear
  • Swimsuits

Over the years, we’ve asked campers about some of their favorite items to pack for camp. Check out our video below of the top five items campers like to pack for camp that aren’t on their packing list!

Summer Camp Gear Inquiries Addressed

Embark on a hassle-free summer camp journey! With our expertise, we can address any packing list concerns you have, offering practical insight and suggestions when it comes to your camper’s packing list. Contact our team today to have any of your questions or concerns answered.

For over thirty years we’ve helped thousands of campers have the best summer camp experience possible, and we’re happy to help you and your camper too!