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The New Mossy Oak Camo Footlocker

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Hey, Everything Summer Camp Lovers!

Are you ready to learn about another awesome Everything Summer Camp employee and his favorite product that we sell? Myron works in our Production Department; he’s part of the crew that manufactures Everything Summer Camp’s rugged and reputable C&N Footlockers every day. So it’s not very surprising to discover that Myron’s favorite product is our Mossy Oak Camo Footlocker.

This footlocker displays the epitome of a camp trunk that’s different, unique, aMossy Oak Camo Footlockernd new! What makes this footlocker stand out from the crowd? Unlike any other C&N Footlocker, this one has a printed fabric in place of the usual metal exterior. With our Mossy Oak New Break Up print, this woodsy footlocker is an eye-grabbing visual feast!

“Because of its fabric finish, this trunk has an entirely different image. It’s GREAT!” says Myron. “I always loved our Camouflage Trunk but now that we’ve come out with this, I have a new favorite trunk! This camouflage is ten times more detailed!”

Like all of our other camp trunks, the Mossy Oak Camo Footlocker is perfect for summer camp as well as around the house. This footlocker is the same size as the popular Happy Camper but carries itself with such a different attitude. Hard to describe, the attractive, Mossy Oak New Break Up print falls somewhere between subtle and distinctive.

Of course, the Mossy Oak Camo Footlocker owns up to the same rugged construction we give all C&N trunks. The inside is lined with impressive DuraWrap Liner. It’s odorless, water-resistant and tear-resistant—not to mention the exterior fabric finish (made of recycled fabric) is as sturdy as the trunk is spacious. Don’t worry about rips when you go with this footlocker!

This camp trunk is Myron’s favorite—will it become a new favorite for you?


- John
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