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Hello, Muddah. Hello, Faddah!

A good partner can certainly be difficult to come by which is why sometimes the people who work best together are mom and dad. It’s no surprise that parents often times make a good team together. In turn, it should come as no surprise to find that small businesses like mom and pop shops are responsible for creating 70% of all new jobs in America.

Achieving a day of recognition, mom and pop shops all across the country are saluted and supported today; it’s National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day. As revealed by a man named Rick Segal, the day was created to honor his parent’s business, a hat shop in the Nobo (North of Boston) region. Ruth’s—the hat shop—would later become a store for women’s specialty clothing, operating from 1939 to 1997!

We, here at Everything Summer Camp are reminded today of our business’ humble beginning back in 1987 when it wasn’t called Everything Summer Camp just yet. It was called C&N Footlockers, named after its owners Craig and Nancy Cornell, the owners of the business.Craig & Nancy

C&N Footlockers started out with just Craig and Nancy making their classic trunks right out of their home-garage in Boyd, Wisconsin. In their first year, they made 380 black footlockers—all the same size—with unmatched, rugged construction. Along with excellent customer service, C&N Footlockers was sure to be a success.

As business picked up, they started offering more colors and different sizes. They relocated in need of more space for the manufacturing and storage of their trunks.

Eventually, as business kept on increasing, they relocated once again to a bigger building which is the same building that we still reside in today! In the building’s factory is where every single C&N Footlocker is manufactured. It’s great to work for a business that was started out as a simple mom and pop shop!

Happy National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day!


- John
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