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Meet Juliann Our Graphic Artist

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Hello there, Blog Readers!

For today I have another one of our great employee spotlight blog posts in which you can read up on and learn about the friendly faces that can be found at Everything Summer Camp. Read on to find out about Juliann, our Graphic Artist at Everything Summer Camp.

Juliann has been aboard our business for roughly the last five months and boy, have we kept her busy! Her position demands a great deal of know-how, creativity, speed, and determination; luckily for Everything Summer Camp, Juliann is teeming with such skills. In fact, she excels at pretty much everything we throw her way.Juliann

Staying hard at work with an assortment of responsibilities, Juliann has impressed us here at Everything Summer Camp with her work and her ability to keep up with this year’s busy season which has been hectic. “There’s a lot of variety that keeps me on my toes,” she says about her workdays.

She often puts her photography skills to good use so we have detailed images of all our great products to show you. She’s in charge of the graphics on our Web site like the homepage slides and a lot more. She works on designs for our camp apparel. And lastly, she does up the images, layout, and even comes up with some fun captions for our email marketing.

Juliann went to summer camp a couple of times when she was a kid—one with a focus on basketball and another with a focus on volleyball. She recalls one summer when she was about ten years old and got to meet Nina Smith who played for the Badgers Women’s Basketball team. It was a pretty big deal to her and the rest of her camp friends Juliann told me with a smile.

That’s all for today, Camp Fans!


- John
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