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Hit the ol’ Dusty Trail

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Get into the camping spirit today. Lace up your boots and go hit a local trail. Whether you’re passionate about hiking, biking, bird watching, geo-caching, or even horsGet out and hike on National Trails Day!eback riding, there’s bound to be a nearby trail for you to enjoy today! No matter what kind of outing you have planned, it feels good simply immersing yourself in the scenic landscape of the natural world.

Park trails offer us a chance to escape the bustling city life for a while, experience the peaceful existence of the natural world, and enjoy the fresh air of the wilderness. In fact, park trails and summer camp have a lot in common!

Taking great advantage of the winding trails that snake through the wooded and rocky terrains of campgrounds, summer camp activities thrive on adventuresome hikes and breezy bike or horseback rides. They know how important habitual exercise is at summer camp and fit in lots of time outdoors doing outdoorsy things.

Delivering an aspect of physicaAlways inviting, hiking trails are great means of exercise and mental health!l exertion that treadmills and exercise bikes cannot, trails incorporate beautiful winding turns that feature new landscapes and provide a treat for your eyes. Trails provide an abundance of mental health benefits as well; the air you breathe in is much crisper and brings a fresh supply of oxygen to your brain, resulting in a happier you.

Most trails are maintained by means of volunteer labor, so if you have interest in helping out—don’t hesitate! Check out the American Hiking Society’s website right here  to look into volunteer opportunities for yourself. You can also look into events being held in celebration of National Trails Day or hosting an event yourself to take charge and bring your community together.We offer a sizable selection of appropriate footwear for long, outdoor excursions!

Most people live within driving distance of cool trails that are just waiting to be discovered and explored by you. Shop our site for an excellent pair of Trail Shoes and find a trail in your neck of the woods right here ! You can check out the video below to learn about the American Hiking Society and, as always, thanks for reading.


- John

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