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Hard Trunk VS Soft Trunk

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Hey there, Camp Enthusiasts!

Are you having trouble deciding between one of our famous C&N Footlockers and our amazing duffel bag, The Pop Up Soft Trunk from Everything Summer Camp? If so, this blog post is for you! Let me tell you all about the pros and cons of a soft footlocker as opposed to a classic, steel camp trunk.

First—pros: The Pop Up Soft Trunk is undeniably lighter than a C&N Footlocker. This makes things easier for carrying, rolling, and general transportation altogether. Much more like a duffel bag, the Pop Up Soft Trunk is a great choice to move your camp gear with convenience and ease.

The fact that it’s lighter is a good point, but even more important, the Pop Up Soft Trunk is collapsible. Our soft trunk is sort of superior to a traditional, steel camp trunk on this point as well. If all you want is a camp trunk for your summer camp stay, you might grow frustrated with a big—ahem—“clunky” steel trunk sitting around with no real place to go with it at home.

You won’t grow frustrated with the Pop Up Soft Trunk. When camp is over, the Pop Up Soft Trunk can collapse and lie flat for simple and convenient storage until yoopen PUSTu need it next.

Along with its better abilities to be stored away, it’s also got great abilities for storage. It’s got a plethora of pockets, and with its collapsible wire frame, this duffel will keep its traditional trunk shape even after its empty. It won’t cave in until you want it too. I wouldn’t say it’s storage space is necessarily better than a camp trunk, but it’s definitely comparable. You’re sure to be able to live out of your Pop Up Soft Trunk the same way you could with a C&N Footlocker!

And now onto the cons: a Camp Trunk from Everything Summer Camp—the home of C&N Footlockers—will always be more durable than a Pop Up Soft Trunk. It will also be able to keep the contents you keep inside better protected with a literal lock. Not to mention, romantically speaking, it’s a steel camp trunk. It kind of belongs at camp. We manufacture our own steel camp trunks. They’re cooler, classier, and much more protective.

In the end, steel trunk or soft trunk, it all depends on which will meet your particular, personal needs. I hope this post can help guide your decision-making. Till next time, Camp Fans!


- John
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