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Hey, Happy Shoppers!

We love happy customers, but we realize that that isn’t all on you—so we try our best to pitch in where we can and contribute to your happiness to help keep it going! That’s why it’s my sincere pleasure to inform you that we have a sale which went into effect today and will last through Friday, the 29th.

Catch the deal behind our Pop Up Soft Trunk Sale…Pop Up your Soft Trunk with this back in stock celebratory sale!

This sale takes one of our most popular products—the Pop Up Soft Trunk—and cuts its price down from its regular price at $129.99 to $98.99. The sale is as simple as that, but I wanted to take a moment to explain just how popular this product has become over the years—the last two years in particular.

This product has become so popular that we’ve had trouble keeping it in stock. In fact, despite our desire to keep our customers happy and satisfied, we haven’t been able to keep our Pop Up Soft Trunks in stock for you. They simply fly off our shelves. We’ve gone out of stock for the last two years in a row.

Allow me to apologize on behalf of the Everything Summer Camp brand: We’re sorry that we haven’t had these in stock for you. We underestimated their demand and popularity and are first now wrapping our heads around how much we need in stock to see us through the summer season.

We hope to avoid being out of stock for the following camp season and appreciate your patience with us for any inconvenience or dissatisfaction we may have caused you. Enjoy this sale as a celebration of our Pop Up Stock up. Pick up your own by clicking right here and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!

- John

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