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Appreciate Your Receptionist Today (And Every Day)

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Hey, Readers!

When you walk into our Main Building here at Everything Summer Camp, who’s the first face you see? Of course, it’s our Receptionist, Missy. With a warm personality and infectious smile, Missy is always there to help. And while everyone at Everything Summer Camp is taking today to be extra appreciative toward Missy, today isn’t JUST about her…

It’s about all Receptionists the world over! May 14 is Receptionist Day! The days of a receptionist are typically filled with paperwork, phone calls, helping customers, filing, and—in general—keeping daily operations running smoothly. That’s quite a variety of work for one person’s responsibilities, but somehow receptionists like Missy, my Aunt Barb, missy(and Pam Beesly) manage the workload every day.

Actually, Missy says that her favorite part about her job is the variety of duties it entails. From handling camp clothing to checking personalized items that we make in our own facility through to shipping, Missy truly plays a vital role in making sure that your orders containing customized items are sent out to you just the way that you wanted it!

Aside from handling orders, Missy also handles important spreadsheets as well as all of our sales reports and receiving all applications that we get for Everything Summer Camp. Missy’s job requires so much variety, it’s amazing to me that she can keep up with it. It’s a good thing I’m not the receptionist of Everything Summer Camp. I’d be swimming in paperwork on the first day!

Receptionists certainly are remarkably skilled people that they can handle such a wide assortment of unrelated tasks; and while they might make it LOOK easy, it only appears that way because of the grace they employ in their daily work. If your workplace has a receptionist, be sure to let them know how great they are!

Thanks, Readers.




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