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Alex C.'s Success Story!

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Hey, Camp Folks!

We saw such a great response to our annual ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest at Everything Summer Camp in 2018 that we’re still going strong publishing each submission right here on the Blog in the New Year. Your stories were fantastic and it’s such a fun time reading through them!

Today’s post comes from Alex C. who wrote in to tell us about her really fun camp stay at Camp Stewart for Boys. Get a look at today’s submission about his stay:

Ready for adventure at Camp Stewart!I'm Alex C., a 12-year-old boy who attended Camp Stewart for Boys for the first time this past summer. I want to write about my third day of camp, when I bravely climbed and then jumped off of Indian Head Rock, a rock next to the Guadalupe River that looks just like the profile of an American Indian. Here is my true story:

I grasped Indian Head Rock with my right hand and moved my left foot to the foothold. My position was tenacious, and my fingers clutched the handhold as confidence poured over me. I then pulled myself a little bit farther up the crag, and as I did so, my form kept consistent.

I felt resilient climbing up the rock, and did not reserve energy when I was climbing up the tor. I pulled myself higher and higher without thinking of the expanse between my feet and the ground. I felt like a flurry climbing up the crag, but by the time I was near the top most of my energy had depleted. I stumbled on the rock abruptly realizing how much of my stamina I had wasted. I was sweating, my face was red, and I felt almost feverish below the incandescent sun.

I looked down at the ground, the water glistened below me and I felt a small rise in confidence as I reminded myself I was climbing above a large placid river, and I started to climb once again my confidence waxing.Here's the rock Alex jumped from at Camp Stewart!I halted once again just inches before the top, there was an overhang right at the top. I put my hand over the overhang, and I could feel the top of the rock. Then suddenly my footing gave way, and the rocks my feet had been on cascaded down the cliff. This left me in the position with all of my feet and my left hand dangling in the air, and my right hand on the top of the crag. My confidence wavered drastically, but my adrenaline soared. Using every ounce of muscle in my body, I moved my left hand next to my right and pulled my body up the overhang and lie down gasping for air.

I lay down for a minute or two thinking back to everything that had just happened. Then I stood up realizing that I was lucky to have made it to the top, and that I had been foolish to forget about conserving my energy, but wise to correct my mistake, but most of all determined to achieve the goal. With that thought I looked to my left at the small brook feeding into the river, at the bluff behind me, at the expansive river to my right, and at the rest of camp in front of me where more adventures await.

Then with a bliss and merriment surging through my heart, I jumped off the rock into the Guadalupe River.

Fun times await at Camp Stewart!Sounds intense, Alex! What an opportunity you took advantage of at Camp Stewart! I’m delighted to hear that you embraced this challenge so fearlessly. And you articulate your experience so clearly! Camp must have been such a blast! Thanks for sharing, Alex. For anybody else interested in checking out Camp Stewart, be sure to check them out for yourself and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Camping at Carysbrook

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Hey, Camp Folks!

Spring is directly around the corner which means that it’s a great time to start thinking about what camp you’re going to in the upcoming summer season! Get a glimpse of a great Virginia camp, featured right here, right now! Today, we’re shining our summer camp spotlight over to the east coast where we find Camp Carysbrook.

Carysbrook sits on 200 acres of rural Virginia woodland, nestled in the New River Valley and prides itself as the oldest overnight camp for girls. It was founded in 1923 by one Miss Sarah Caperton Preston who ran the camp for the remainder of her life until the very year she passed in 1965.Camp Carysbrook shows girls a great time every season!

Carysbrook campers get their choice of activities and they’re encouraged to try out new activities and set goals for themselves based on their own interests. Girls at Carysbrook are offered instructions in five skill levels from ‘beginner’ to ‘advanced’ in the following activities: Horseback Riding, Archery, Rock Climbing, Canoeing, and Swimming. The daily structure at Carysbrook allows for spontaneous adventures like going blackberry picking, enjoying a hike, or tubing down the Little River.

The folks at Camp Carysbrook are proud to have carefully preserved their facilities since they were first created in a successful attempt to maintain a rustic appearance that complement the natural beauty of the surrounding campgrounds.

Carysbrook’s cabins blend into the natural environment nicely as well. They’re set up with electricity and four bunkbeds in each. A tradition among campers at Carysbrook encourages campers to join the names written on the inside of cabins from previous camp stays to rediscover upon future visits!

Join the generations of campers that have come before you at Carysbrook and become a camper there yourself so you can enjoy the learning environment, tight bonds, and flat-out fun at this extraordinary summer camp. If this camp sounds like a good fit for you, look into it more by checking out their website sometime and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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Liza S. Says Yes To Summer Camp Fun!

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Hey, Camp Fans!

We saw such a great response to our annual ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest at Everything Summer Camp in 2018 that we’re still going strong publishing each submission right here on the Blog in the New Year. Your stories were fantastic and it’s such a fun time reading through them!

Today’s post comes from Liza S. who wrote in to tell us about her really fun camp stay at Camp Merrie-Woode. Get a look at today’s submission about her stay: Read Liza S.' camp story about her stay at Camp Merrie-Woode.

I love camp, and every year I'm super excited to go and sad to leave! All of the activities are tons of fun but my favorite would have to be horseback riding as I love riding. Some of the other activities I took this year were tennis, sailing, canoeing, knitting, archery, jewelry, and land sports. In knitting, I made a pillow, and in archery, I made several bulls eyes. This was my fifth year going, and every year I challenge myself to pass levels, etc. For example, this year I passed the first level in canoeing and went on a difficult two day hike on the Appalachian Trail with two of my friends at camp. Everyone is very witty and kind at camp and you can make friends easily. Also, every year my cabins have been with awesome people and amazing counselors. In addition, every night we have a different evening program that is so exciting and a good way to end the night.

I adore the camaraderie at camp as well as the independence to explore and try new activities. It's fantastic that camp is by the lake to take advantage of water sports like sailing, canoeing, kayaking and swimming but also to have amazing horseback riding. My favorite horse is named Picard who is a thoroughbred. He's a retired off track race horse and has the smoothest canter and loves high jumps.

Our camp is also free of electronics so we all have a chance to really get to know one another, play cards and games, and write letters to family and friends. I live in Florida so to be able to go to the mountains every summer and have a blast at camp is very special. I can't wait until camp next summer to spend time with many great friends I have met, continue passing levels and challenging myself in various activities, and feeling such joy!

Wow! This summer sounds like it was a blast at Merrie-Woode, Liza! Thanks for sharing. It sounds like you have a special relationship with Picard and riding altogether! I’m glad you made such a strong bond with your fellow campers and your counselors. Isn’t camp great for reminding us what life is like without the interruption of buzzing and dinging electronics?! For anybody else interested in checking out Camp Merrie-Woode, be sure to check them out for yourself and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Cornelius Crane Chase

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Hey, Chevy Chums!

Pretty much everybody fell in love with this heartthrob from the 70’s. And it’s true that Hollywood legend, Clark Griswold himself, *ahem* I mean—Chevy Chase—was a summer camper back in the day! I posted about this funnyman a number of years ago when this Blog was still in its starting stage. Since I posted about this guy years ago, I thought we could revisit Chevy to get to know him a little bit better.

In the previous post, I discussed how he attended Camp Tamakwa and then Learn some interesting points about Chevy Chase.covered a series of moments in his life throughout his acting career. Today, however, I want to go real deep so we can attempt to really get to understand who Mr. Chevy Chase is at his most core level, not as a celebrity, but as a human being:

Don’t Have a Cow, Man

Believe it or not, Chevy has always created a reputation for himself of being a jokester employing an offbeat sense of humor. In the early 60s, Chase was enrolled at Haverford College in Pennsylvania. For a long time, Chevy claimed to have been kicked out because he kept a cow in his dorm room. Just ten years ago, his old roommate from Haverford cleared the air that the real reason Chevy left was because of a poor grades.

Replaced by Bill

One of the show’s original cast members—not to mention the very first to ever say, “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!”—Chevy holds a number of Saturday Night Live records. Despite being one of the founding SNL fathers, Chevy was also the first person to leave the show. He did so after just the first season. Chevy has since expressed his regrets of his early departure and being replaced by Bill Murray.


Another regret Chevy has is not starring in the 80s Blockbuster hit, Ghostbusters, though the role was offered to him. Why’d he give up such an awesome opportunity? Chevy wasn’t convinced the role would be so great. After all, the original script that had first interested Chevy had undergone some wild changes from the script that Chevy was initially shown.

Despite his missed opportunities, Chevy has made us all laugh over the years in all the classic roles he’s brought to life. If you have interest in checking out Chevy’s stomping grounds at Camp Tamakwa, give them a closer look some time. And, as always, thanks for reading.


- John

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Ryan S. Says Kingswood's the Best!

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Hey, Camp Lovers!

What a great response we saw to our annual ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest at Everything Summer Camp in 2018—we’re still going strong publishing each submission right here on the Blog in the New Year! Your stories were fantastic and it’s such a fun time reading through them. Get the full experience at Kingswood Camp for your next summer camp stay!

Today’s post comes from Ryan S. who wrote in to tell us about his really fun camp stay at Kingswood Camp. Get a look at today’s submission about his stay:

This was my first year at sleepaway camp and I loved it. I went to camp Kingswood on Lake Tarleton in New Hampshire for 4 weeks. My favorite thing to do was anything and everything on the water, like sailing, fishing, waterskiing, tubing, wakeboarding, paddleboarding, and swimming. One day, I went canoeing on Squam Lake, also in New Hampshire, with a couple of campers and three counselors. We paddled to an island and camped there overnight. It was so fun setting up camp and fishing on the island. The counselors made us a delicious dinner of tortillas and rice on the fire. We had rap battles and other competitions to pick our oatmeal flavors for breakfast.

Another favorite camp memory was the egg drop contest one day but is not like a normal egg drop. The counselors set up bunch of sharp objects pointing up. We had to build a contraption then conceal the egg in. Then the counselors would throw our contraption out a window on the sharp things. Then they would try to smash them with various things. That was one of my favorite times I had at camp. I met so many new people and made new friends. It was a great experience being away from home and making my own life at camp. I think that Kingswood is the best camp because of these things and many, many more things. This summer was so much fun and I had a blast.

Your Happy Camper footlocker trunk was super helpful. At camp, we basically live out of our trunks. I wish my mom would let me do that at home.

Great submission, Ryan! Your canoe trip across Squam Lake and overnighter on the island sounds like it was a really special time. Sounds like nonstop fun between fun on the waterfront and other fun activities like the egg drop contest! Glad you had such fun and happy to hear your Happy Camper worked so out so well! For anybody else interested in Kingswood Camp, give this place a closer look some time and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John